The Peace Tree

The Peace Tree

spray paint, collage on canvas. / 18" x 24" / 2009

details :
I made 'The Peace Tree' as a commission for 'EXHIBIT EQUALITY' and the auction held at [space on white] in NYC on Sept 20th. The collage element is made up of an old Banana Republic nylon coat I had lying around...What you're seeing are two images in one. On one hand we have the peace sign that I wanted as a beacon in the background, steering the message behind the whole work. While on the other I blend the icon into a sort of landscape. The idea is of a burning Southwestern sunset, a forest of dead trees in silhouette, and the promise that no matter what, the sun will always shine. I curbed the piece toward the current Broadway revival of HAIR, seeing as the event was in-part affiliated with the production, and borrowed the famous lyric "let the sunshine" to further drive my point home. love.


The Peace Tree The Peace Tree The Peace Tree The Peace Tree

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